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Yemin 63. Bölüm | The Promise Season 1 Episode 63

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Информация о видео Yemin 63. Bölüm | The Promise Season 1 Episode 63

Название :  Yemin 63. Bölüm | The Promise Season 1 Episode 63
Продолжительность :   3563
Пользователь :  The Promise Official
Дата публикации :   2019-05-22
Просмотры :   1,057,927
Понравилось :   7
Не понравилось :   713

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Yemin 63. Bölüm: Cemre’nin davranışını gören Reyhan, evliliğine sahip çıkmaya çalışır ama gururu buna izin vermez. Cavidan ise Reyhan’ı kışkırtırken, Emir kendisine kurulan tuzaktan habersizdir. Hasta zannettiği Cemre’ye yardım etmeye uğraşır. Öte yandan Talaz kurnazlıkla şikâyetini geri çeker. Leyla ise kendini Kemal’e affettirme derdindedir. Kemal’in bir şeylerin peşinde olduğunu öğrenen Talaz, büyük bir sürpriz hazırlar.

When Mr Hikmet is given a terminal diagnosis he wonders what will become of the fortune he has worked so hard to amass - he can't leave everything to his frivolous son Emir. He travels to see Reyhan, the daughter of an old family friend. She is a kind and caring girl and Hikmet has her promise to marry Emir, securing a stable future for the family. But Emir makes his own promise - to punish his father for controlling his life he will treat Reyhan so badly that she is forced to leave him.

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Anar Ceferov
Reyhanın əlləri niyə sarıdır
Комментарий от : Anar Ceferov

Angelica Ontiveros
Комментарий от : Angelica Ontiveros

Shazia Shakeel
Go Reyhan Go! Oh no Reyhan! why are you so late!
Комментарий от : Shazia Shakeel

Məhəmməd İsmayılov
Cox sacma deyiler gezdi ama pecrnin işiq sacir gunduzdu
Комментарий от : Məhəmməd İsmayılov

Suzan Badra
Yemin episode should translated in Arabic
Комментарий от : Suzan Badra

Shereen Ahmad
Love the green color shirt Sona is wearing
Комментарий от : Shereen Ahmad

Shereen Ahmad
Emir , you didn’t ask Reyyan to join you a single time, instead of standing there , you should have gone to ask Reyyan to come with you .... stubborn man
Комментарий от : Shereen Ahmad

Shereen Ahmad
Thank you so much for the English summary , I wish you can translate the scenes between Emir and Reyyan it would help us understand better
Комментарий от : Shereen Ahmad

Pervaz Aslanov
Cooox gözel filimdi uqurlar
Комментарий от : Pervaz Aslanov

Shereen Ahmad
Romance between the couple is missing, Cemre wants Emir for herself how can he be so naive ???? The same issues keep repeating themselves , not fair , seriously Emir should be a man and at least go sleep in the same bed as his lawful wife !!!!
Комментарий от : Shereen Ahmad

Su Damlası
Комментарий от : Su Damlası

Nica N Nico
Multumesc ,este frumos serialul
Комментарий от : Nica N Nico

maria rosa arroyo
No puedo vver en español los capitulos del 60 en adelante como hago????
Комментарий от : maria rosa arroyo

Angel Edappallil
Khojista.....we miss you.....where are you......Please upload your translation.......
Комментарий от : Angel Edappallil

Jaweria Maryam
Reyhan is stupid dumb ass doesnt desrve to be loved....she goes well with whiplashing
Комментарий от : Jaweria Maryam

Y do all Turkish ppl use Samsung phones!! I mean why???
Комментарий от : Deepika

moumita roy
End sub plzzzz😭😭
Комментарий от : moumita roy

Рия Аева
Heri Cavidan seni sevirem bitanemmm
Комментарий от : Рия Аева

Mazharul Islam
English, subtitles😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Комментарий от : Mazharul Islam

Gulara Pirieva
Cavidan bravo👏👏👏
Комментарий от : Gulara Pirieva

Emkae Emm
English subtitle plisssss🙏🙏🙏
Комментарий от : Emkae Emm

Jawad Ali Naqvi
Can anybody share with subtitles?
Комментарий от : Jawad Ali Naqvi

Nush Sana
Eng substitle plz😢😢😢
Комментарий от : Nush Sana

off air
Комментарий от : off air

lislley vitoria
Amo mas q chocolate
Комментарий от : lislley vitoria

Aslan Mirzeyev
Sen soyleseydin soyleme zahmetinde bulunmuyorsun Reyhani suclu cikariyorsun yuhhhhhhh sana bi de seni adam sanmisdim nankor😤🤨🤬🤬🤬🤬
Комментарий от : Aslan Mirzeyev

Tural Mansirov
Комментарий от : Tural Mansirov

Corazon Policarpio
Please any explanation on episode 63,please. Thank you
Комментарий от : Corazon Policarpio

Corazon Policarpio
Can someone explain what the mother in law told Reyhan about Emir and Cemre while they at the seaside? Please,thank you
Комментарий от : Corazon Policarpio

Amanda Molina
Ya me está cayendo mal Reyhan, es bueno tener dignidad pero va a perder a Emir.
Комментарий от : Amanda Molina

Mazot Hortlak
Bu Reyhan adami deli eder be! Zombie gibi kiz! Dusunmek bile istemiyor.
Cemre'nin ne mal oldugunu hala anlamadi. Yinede uzulmesin cunku ne olursa olsun, Emir Cemre gibi bir domuzun got deligine gitmez!

Комментарий от : Mazot Hortlak

yusif bayramli
Helal cavidan hanim harikasin💋
Комментарий от : yusif bayramli

Muslum Qurbanov
Cavidanin dəyişilməsinə inanmayanlar??😃
Комментарий от : Muslum Qurbanov

neida perez
que bello seria si pudieran bajarlas con sub-títulos en español
Комментарий от : neida perez

hadisa sadiku
cemrenin fotografi 2 begeni almis hdjdsjsjhd
Комментарий от : hadisa sadiku

Малика Абдурахманова
Bu diziyi cok seviyorum 😊😘
Комментарий от : Малика Абдурахманова

I Have a Dream
Let me guess who is calling....yep Cemre...and after spending the afternoon (supposedly) with her, he answers the phone and interrupt the conversation with his wife. Are you serious????
Комментарий от : I Have a Dream

Edwin Daniel
Summary – Episode 63

She thanks her for the words but they are in vain Reyhan tells to her mother-in-law while they talk. in vain? - Asks Cavidan , Cemre is sitting beside with him, and shows her the cell phone to Reyhan where she sees that Cemre uploaded a photograph with Emir. Reyha tells her that, but they are friends and they have been friends since childhood ; -Cavidan tells her, but she has always been in love with Emir and will not stop until she destroys your marriage and that’s the well-known intentions her of Cemre.
Meanwhile Leyla manages to get Kemal released but he is very upset since it is the alleged father of Leyla who imprisoned him.
Reyah is worried about the words of her mother-in-law and she begins to remember how Cemre treated her the day they met, Cemre hinted that she was a woman that from where you know Emir, from social networks, you are an insignificant woman who wants to get married with one of the most coveted bachelors, you're going to marry Emir Tarhun.
Leyla tries to talk to Kemal and he refuses,
Reyhan continues to remember the words of her mother-in-law and thinks she told me that I have to be afraid of his friend's words and she remembers when she tells her that she wants to be a good friend for her since she does not wants to lose her lifelong friend. She thinks that what her mother-in-law told her is perhaps an exaggeration.
Kemal goes home, greets his daughter and the maid tells him that Masal has not eaten waiting for him.
Reynah remembers when Cemre wanted to make her believe that she and Emir were in love and that if she married him she would separate a couples loves.
Leyla goes to talk with her father and thanks Kemal for being free, the father asks why she is so interested and she tells him by Masal that she suffers.
Reyha keeps thinking and remembers that they told her Cemre still loves Emir, she says why I keep thinking about this, It's too late Reyhan says, she does not call where he can be, as she may not be able to warn etc. Emir arrives and asks her are you still up, it's late… !! yeah it's too late, she replies that he went to leave Cemre and that she forgot to warn, Reyah thinks well done, but annoyed. Emir tries to talk to her about what has happened, tells her that he has had time to think, that he wants everything to be different, Reyhan tells him that maybe tomorrow they can do it, Emir sees the picture of his wedding broken and changes his attitude and he tells Reyhan that he knows that she does not trust him, and that everything will be as she wants, and that he accepts to be her friend as she wanted him, although saying these words hurts her a lot, in between that Cemre phone calls and practically forces Emir to get along with her tomorrow morning to go fishing, before so much insistence Emir gives in, to become the kind Cemre tells him to invite Reyhan but he replies that he does not think she accepts. Reyhan practically didn’t sleep during the night and was over thinking about what happened and it is said that I quickly stop trying to be a couple. She remembers the humiliation she faced and suffered on Cemre's birthday, when she told her that she married a man she did not know and slept with a man who did not love her. The next day Cemre calls Emir very early and emir didn’t answer the cal since he was asleep but Reyhan realizes cemre’s call and she leaves the room very upset. Arriving at the Living room she sees Cemre, who tries to be nice and tells her that she regrettably does not remember her, but that she will take her as new friend, and tells her that she is going for fishing with Emir, when Emir arrives he asks Cemre what is she doing so early up here and she replies that she wants to take advantage of the sun, and he tells her there is no problem the car is in the garage, Reyhan bothers in his room he says something without taking me into account and now he asks. In the kitchen the maid argues with her boyfriend that she is tired and her hands are full of bags and yet there you are playing on the phone. Cavidan goes to talk with Reyhan and tells hem all this is planned by Cemre she has not lost her memory, I know it very well. As things go up in the car Emir thinks that he should invite Reyhan but he hesitates to do it, he starts to wait. Suna sees emir from distant and she goes to talk with Reyhan and insists her that she must accompany with her husband who later may regret it, Reyhan hesitantly decides to go.
In Kemal's house, Leyla's father appears without warning.
Emir continues to wait and Cemre tries to hurry and invents new fake idea with a picture of her mother and that she cannot remember and she is very afraid, and slowly she makes a move by leaning her head on to emirs shoulder and Reyhan comes out happily to join with them and when she arrives she sees Emir as if he were embracing her and seeing this Reyhan got disappointed.

Комментарий от : Edwin Daniel

Menim Vatanım
Reyhan fazla sakin ya
Комментарий от : Menim Vatanım

Albasiye Hasanova
Cok guzel oldu reyhan kocana saip cik 😮😮
Комментарий от : Albasiye Hasanova

Albasiye Hasanova
Reyhan vala benim sinirimi ziplatiyo canimi cok sikildi
Комментарий от : Albasiye Hasanova

Albasiye Hasanova
Neden ep icten konusuyorsunuz bi konusaniz butun problem ler gider sinir oluyorum ben emire ak veriyorum
Комментарий от : Albasiye Hasanova

Albasiye Hasanova
Sinir oldum emer vezgecmedi rehan sen iste din dost olmayi
Комментарий от : Albasiye Hasanova

Hikmet Qaradag
Azeriler burdasız🙌
Комментарий от : Hikmet Qaradag

Sabina Qasimova
Ay bu Reyhan menim eseblerimi pozur bu sakitlik bele qiz varmi bu devirde cox sikici
Комментарий от : Sabina Qasimova

Guguli Fartenadz
Yemin dizi cokcok beeniorum lutben devametsin
Комментарий от : Guguli Fartenadz

Dilya Dil
Cavidani sevmeye basladim
Комментарий от : Dilya Dil

Pratima Sharma
Bt these are not with subtitles
Комментарий от : Pratima Sharma

mithat karim
Cemre den onurdan bahs eden en son kisi sensin den nerdeyse sokakta vereceksiniz emire
Комментарий от : mithat karim

ebru yildirak
cavidee artik iyi bir insan olduu..nasil oldu bu ?
Комментарий от : ebru yildirak

Rivida Sulejmani
Комментарий от : Rivida Sulejmani

Indira Ajini
Yuh pes yani iki yüzlü balta kadin resmen bir cadi
Комментарий от : Indira Ajini

Indira Ajini
Hayret bu nasil bi evlilik anlamadim giti
Комментарий от : Indira Ajini

leyla babayeva
cok sacma vallahi,cemreyi goturmedi kaza gecirdi diye vicdan ezabi cekib onun her dediyini eden emir bey gore reyhana o qeder etdiklerine gore niye hec 1 qram ezab cekmir goresen🤨🤔
Комментарий от : leyla babayeva

Malika.mbs_2019.2030 instagram
Commentary:1000..📱👍 😂👉🔥❤🔥
Комментарий от : Malika.mbs_2019.2030 instagram

Arzu Baxshiyeva
Ben herkez beyniyorum amma kise beni like atmiyo
Комментарий от : Arzu Baxshiyeva

Arzu Baxshiyeva
Bunu gunde vermseler bari
Комментарий от : Arzu Baxshiyeva

Sedef Refizade
Ay bunu anlamadim neden anne kendisi söylemiyor emire bütun bunlari anne anlatsin emire cemrenin kötu oldugunu seni elde etmesini anlatsin yaa
Комментарий от : Sedef Refizade

Farida Hasanova
Cavidan teyze bu yurekler sana💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓
Комментарий от : Farida Hasanova

Farida Hasanova
Cox Super bolum ,kawki Reyhana anne nasihati ,meslehet veren bu kadin sona geder bele davransin hemiwe..,boyle kaynana kim istemezki....
Комментарий от : Farida Hasanova

gunel hesenova
bu arada sinirlenince yasdiqa vurmak iy geliyor Cemrenin kafasi olarak dusun Reyhan.
Комментарий от : gunel hesenova

Sibel Zengin
bu kadar olmaz ya vallah reyhan cok miyminti vallah haraketleti robot kimi vallah az canli olsa
Комментарий от : Sibel Zengin

Sara Zahirli
Cavidan hanim halal olsun sizee
Комментарий от : Sara Zahirli

Ramin Davoudi
This carol makes me angry is 90% of the time mute nobodyi can deal with such a girl
Комментарий от : Ramin Davoudi

sadiq A S
Brother please give me subtitles in English
Комментарий от : sadiq A S

Nergiz Kerimova
Cavidan simdi asil hanim😘😘😘🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
Комментарий от : Nergiz Kerimova

Hasert Maharramov
Bunun civ civi bizim ineyden cox su icir🙄🙄🙄
Комментарий от : Hasert Maharramov

Remziye Serbest
Reyhan beklesen daha
Комментарий от : Remziye Serbest

Remziye Serbest
Vallah cemre hatirliyo aptalmi bu emir
Комментарий от : Remziye Serbest

Violeta Eles
Muchas gracias Melocotón
Комментарий от : Violeta Eles

choumicha derkaoui
Svp la 64 🥺🙏🙏🤲
Комментарий от : choumicha derkaoui

sabina yasmin
Where is today's episode. Plzzzz upload it soon 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Комментарий от : sabina yasmin

Nuray Haqverdiyeva
64. Bölüm neden yayımlanmıyır?
Комментарий от : Nuray Haqverdiyeva

Joy Naidoo
Waiting for episode 64 please
Комментарий от : Joy Naidoo

Alibec Sena
Bu zavali Reyhan kuslan kalacak... Saf...Guzelim kocai yalniz brakarmisin kanapede uyusun....Yazic olur....
Комментарий от : Alibec Sena

Fatema Pakitwala
64 bölüm nerde ???????
Комментарий от : Fatema Pakitwala

Gul sum Qarizada
64 bölüm ne zaman başlıyor
Комментарий от : Gul sum Qarizada

rep ttt
Как я люблю этот сериал, такой красивый и светлый reyem💜
Комментарий от : rep ttt

غہزوٌلهہ غہزوٌلهہ
اكو عرب بطيارا 😊
Комментарий от : غہزوٌلهہ غہزوٌلهہ

vanda santana
Vou aguardar o próximo capítulo de número 64 vms ver se esses dois fazem as pazes obrigado pela atenção.
Комментарий от : vanda santana

La ilahe illaallah Bismillahir rehmanir rehim
Yeni bolum nərdə kaldi yaaa
Комментарий от : La ilahe illaallah Bismillahir rehmanir rehim

Akber Yadigarov
Afferin be cavidan her kes akilandi bi reyhan salak gibi qaldi
Комментарий от : Akber Yadigarov

Reyyan Reyyan
Pislik cemre, ulan gicik sana kimin ihtiyaci varsa sanki!( kelime kullanisim icin olur diliyorum) ama napiyim yani aaaaaghh
Комментарий от : Reyyan Reyyan

ilawka milawka
Bu dizinin kuaförünü deyişmek lazım.Hic kimsenin normal sac düzümü yok,tabiiki kadınların
Комментарий от : ilawka milawka

Sukriye Huyuk
Birazda hizli hareket eysin cok yavas insani sinir ediyor cok yavas hareketleri bide icindin cok konusuyorlar kin kimin icinden konusdugunu duyabilir cok sacma ya biraz daha gercekci bòlùmler cekin yònetmenim sizden rice ediyoruz
Комментарий от : Sukriye Huyuk

Sukriye Huyuk
Reyhan birazdaha ciddi oynasin hic gercek gibi rol yapamiyor
Комментарий от : Sukriye Huyuk

фарида Абдурахманова
Комментарий от : фарида Абдурахманова

Xeyal Agalarov
Cavidan cok iyi oyun dusunub Cemreyle plan kuruyolar inamam o degise
Комментарий от : Xeyal Agalarov

Selma Gerk
Hiç olacak şey'mi bu yaaa ama, hem baştan böyle konuşun, hem'de böyle kıskançlık davranır!!?? Ikiniz'de hata var??!!! Vay seni cadolos Cemre, inşallah seni Şeytanlar götürür!!!!!!
Комментарий от : Selma Gerk

_m3sa_ _m3diyeff_
Cemre tam bi Seytan !Cemre olseydi Reyhan ve Emir kurtulurdu😍😍😍😍😘😘😗😗😚😙😐😚😙😉
Reyhan da bu aralar kıskanıyor Emiri😎😎😎😀🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

Комментарий от : _m3sa_ _m3diyeff_

Aşk Bitsin
Cavidan Reyhani uyardinigin için sağol sen söylemeseydin Reyhan hiç bir şeyden haberi bile olmayacakdir
Комментарий от : Aşk Bitsin

Aşk Bitsin
Cemre bu kadarida fazla artik bu ne yaa ne var hafizasini kaybetdin diğe Emir hep seninle igilenicekmi. Sonuçda Emirin karisi var ve onu seviyor hem de çokkkk💖💖💖❤❤❤ butun planlarin suya duşecek Cemre 😁😁😏
Комментарий от : Aşk Bitsin

Zamira Zamira
нас мало .но мы держимся😃
Комментарий от : Zamira Zamira

kathy smith
By the way.... in trailer 64, emir asks reyhan about being sick....anyone thinking what i'm thinking???
Комментарий от : kathy smith

kathy smith
I'm a little confused, is Cemre just faking amnesia or does she have some memory loss???
Комментарий от : kathy smith

Ismail Chatha
If you can't translate the whole epi then plz translate at least all the scenes btw emir and reyhan plz plz plz this will help us to understand
Комментарий от : Ismail Chatha

Sbastian Kotakov
Nebu safiak rehan
Комментарий от : Sbastian Kotakov

royal mirezizli
Комментарий от : royal mirezizli

royal mirezizli
Çok güzel bölümdü .64 bölümü dörd gözle bekliyorum .
Комментарий от : royal mirezizli

royal mirezizli
Cavidan hanım iyilik meleği olmuş .
Комментарий от : royal mirezizli

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