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Aladdin (1992 vs 2019) - Song Comparison

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Информация о видео Aladdin (1992 vs 2019) - Song Comparison

Название :  Aladdin (1992 vs 2019) - Song Comparison
Продолжительность :   261
Пользователь :  rishabhrox1
Дата публикации :   2019-05-23
Просмотры :   10,352,232
Понравилось :   125
Не понравилось :   4

Кадры из видео Aladdin (1992 vs 2019) - Song Comparison

Описание к видео Aladdin (1992 vs 2019) - Song Comparison

A little comparison of the Aladdin songs between their 1992 animated versions opposed to their 2019 live-action versions.

The soundtrack for Disney's latest live-action film ALADDIN came out a few days back, and I immediately knew I had to make this comparison since I could hear obvious changes in arrangement and vocal quality between the two films.

The comparison is divided into 7 rounds featuring the following songs :-

1) Arabian Nights
2) One Jump Ahead
3) One Jump Ahead reprise
4) Friend Like Me
5) Prince Ali
6) A Whole New World
7) A Whole New World POP

So, which set of songs do YOU prefer more? The 1992 animated ones or the 2019 live-action ones? Let me know in the comments below.

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Комментарии к видео Aladdin (1992 vs 2019) - Song Comparison

A important message for all the haters of the live action ALADDIN - the movie has JUST made over 1 BILLION DOLLARS worldwide and snatched ALL YOUR WEAVES together....no shade, just ☕☕☕
Комментарий от : rishabhrox1

Melanie’s World
2019 won
Комментарий от : Melanie’s World

lump of pixels
I love Arabian Night in 2019,
and A whole new world in 1992

Комментарий от : lump of pixels

Ourana Ouganza
2019 is the best
Комментарий от : Ourana Ouganza

Saleeha Zahra
I love Aladdin
Комментарий от : Saleeha Zahra

Of course the older one is better. Fuck the popular opinion
Комментарий от : DryAssLips

Brynn Pickett
All MY opinions listed below: (There are also reasons, IF you want to read them.)

Round 1 - 2019
Round 2 - 2019
Round 3 - 1992
Round 4 - 1992
Round 5 - 2019
Round 6 - 1992
Round 7 - 1992

REASONS: (Side note, please no hate. This is all on me.)

Round 1 - Well, it's really because of the power Will put into it. I feel the hard work he put into this song. Amazing job, bud.
Round 2 - Hey, I understand if you like Brad's version better than Mena's. But just hear me out. It's more up-beat and the style of music today and I like that.
Round 3 - I know all the hard work Mena put into his. But I just didn't feel it! Brad's just had sorrow. Well, at least more powerful sorrow.
Round 4 - Robin is a legend and so is this song. I can tell he laughed a lot! Just too powerful for Will to compete with. (But that doesn't mean I don't sometimes sing karaoke to it!)
Round 5 - Robin's will always be amazing. I just, didn't feel it this time, you know?
Round 6 - Brad and Lea, gosh DARN you hit it out of the park! It's too hard to make it better than their magical performance. It's a duet we'll never forget.
Round 7 - I know, I know. I just feel the love in this! People are like, 'Gosh darn, Brynn. At least LIKE it for a second!!' But I can't! But still, Zayn and Zhavia's is still amazing.

Thanks for reading my opinion! :)))
(Side Note: This took me 20m to type out, so I hope you like it!)

Комментарий от : Brynn Pickett

Sharon Love
2019 2019 2019 2019
Комментарий от : Sharon Love

junaedi inbond
cakepan aladin asli
Комментарий от : junaedi inbond

junaedi inbond
Комментарий от : junaedi inbond

Sarah Mohamed
They forgot speechless
Комментарий от : Sarah Mohamed

Sarah Mohamed
Of course 2019 because it's louder and better
Комментарий от : Sarah Mohamed

Lalu Keiloy
plisss vote aladin 2019
Комментарий от : Lalu Keiloy

Round 1 - 2019
Round 2 - 2019
Round 3 - 1992
Round 4 - 1992
Round 5 - can’t choose
Round 6 - 1992

Комментарий от : The LARGEST MISTAKE

Just watched the movie and it’s good they didn’t copy it exactly from the original. Some parts were different. Never even thought about who the princess mother was till this movie lol.
Комментарий от : itsmattsgaming

Tina Holm
Real life action is better
Комментарий от : Tina Holm

Animation Agusha Play Dolls
Guys! Who can watch my cartoons? It is very important for me! Thank!
Комментарий от : Animation Agusha Play Dolls

hannibal lecter
the movie was quite good very entertaining
Комментарий от : hannibal lecter

Super Emma 123
I think I like 2019 better
Комментарий от : Super Emma 123

Animated: 7/35
Live-Action: 34/35
Arabian nights:1992-1/5 2019-5/5
since it will take hours to comment here is da resolts
O. J. A.R-1
Y. A. N. H. A. F. L. M-1
A. W. N. W-1

Комментарий от : ALVARANIC GAMING

Who is better voice for aladdin
Like: Mena Massoud
Comment: Brad Kane
Voting ends January 19,2020

Комментарий от : ALVARANIC GAMING

Lala Demata
I love the "Aladdin 2019"
Комментарий от : Lala Demata

valerie cadwagan
Комментарий от : valerie cadwagan

Kumar would have been a better actor for that part.
Комментарий от : steven

Kim Kim
Nothing can beat 1992 version.Esp. A Whole New world.
Комментарий от : Kim Kim

Claudio Abaigar
The winner is 2019 than 1919s
Комментарий от : Claudio Abaigar

Who want movie of alladin
Комментарий от : CoolBird

Wait...a miniute.....there is more than one song of....A Whole New World?!?!
Комментарий от : iicrxbxby

Itz_jessiedalion coolest
Will Smith sounded good in Arabian Nights
Комментарий от : Itz_jessiedalion coolest

Nicole Alvarez
Комментарий от : Nicole Alvarez

noRthern wOLVES
In a whole new world, the new one I feel like they compliment each other’s voices better than the original
Комментарий от : noRthern wOLVES

Jessica Furtado
100% the old songs have more color and fantasy and craziness but the new songs have more powerful voices. Robin williams (RIP) was GENIE and did AMAZING but to have someone who played an old haracter die and be brought back by anyone else i'm SO GLAD it was Will Smith, he did AMAZING with the genie, I still felt it was the same sarcastic audacious hilarious genie that robin created.
Комментарий от : Jessica Furtado

Wilson Wilson
Комментарий от : Wilson Wilson

whosthat chick
turkish version is the best <3
Комментарий от : whosthat chick

Me gusta gambas😍😁
Комментарий от :

ei an
Комментарий от : ei an

The title track is so much more improved in the 2019 version.
Комментарий от : acakefromdafuture

Khyl Josiah
Prince Ali
Комментарий от : Khyl Josiah

Ann Marie Pereras
Комментарий от : Ann Marie Pereras

2019 version is better for me.. but still original is great the new one is just more fun to listen
Комментарий от : "GtaIIIBoy_2_"

Josiah B.
As much as I like Naomi sing the whole new world, nothing beats Ms. Lea Salonga's version of it! 😊
Комментарий от : Josiah B.

Ari Sotomayor
I love 1992 version, but Naomi, Mena and Will are just PHENOMENAL. Singing and acting ❤️
Комментарий от : Ari Sotomayor

Rodrigo Caballero
gana el aladdin 2019
Комментарий от : Rodrigo Caballero

Grecia Martínez
Комментарий от : Grecia Martínez

Pineapple ii
I’m just like...how do some people really think robin williams was GOOD at the Singing? Yes he was a good actor but his voice makes me cringe
Комментарий от : Pineapple ii

Artura H
When i found out that they were making another Aladdin i freaked out because Aladdin has always been my favorite Disney movie. The Mena is fuckin cute too. So like....
Комментарий от : Artura H

the only things not common was Bass hahahahaha
Комментарий от : RikUo

Sammy Jones
One thing I disliked about the live remake is they rushed how Aladdin and Jasmine first meet... but everything was amazing 😍 I love all Disney songs
Комментарий от : Sammy Jones

Hawaiian Fruit Punch
1- 2019
2- 1992
3- 1992
4- tie
5- tie
6- 1992
7- neither

Комментарий от : Hawaiian Fruit Punch

debbi austen
The 2019 is better in a lot of ways, but I do miss Robin Williams
Комментарий от : debbi austen

Dan Sianoya
I like the 2019 movie
Комментарий от : Dan Sianoya

Sona Johnson
Always reality is better than animated film.l love 2019 Aladdin the most
Комментарий от : Sona Johnson

i actually love both
Комментарий от : kitchensinkchronicles

Shelby Boo
All the rounds 2019
Комментарий от : Shelby Boo

Rekt By An Asian PS4
I like 2019 songs much betyer
Комментарий от : Rekt By An Asian PS4

Комментарий от : 조정

Silvinha Albuquerque
2019 😍❤️
Комментарий от : Silvinha Albuquerque

Hazel Cantina
I 👍 the 1992
Комментарий от : Hazel Cantina

Tasha's Life
Aladdin 1992= comment
Aladdin 2019=like

Комментарий от : Tasha's Life

Foxy the Gachatuber
I’m crying at genies moments 😭
Комментарий от : Foxy the Gachatuber

jecris medallo
my super pavorite song is one jump ahead and prince ali from 2019
Комментарий от : jecris medallo

Radiana Mohamed Sahim
2019 is better than 1992
Комментарий от : Radiana Mohamed Sahim

Jeremiah Collado
Комментарий от : Jeremiah Collado

Edrica fionnize Laugo mamocod
Комментарий от : Edrica fionnize Laugo mamocod

I like 2019 better than 1992
Комментарий от : alberto98907

Naila Bibi
U love it
Комментарий от : Naila Bibi

siti radhiah mohamed yunos
Aaaa thats hot
That's hot

Комментарий от : siti radhiah mohamed yunos

Nemah Dayan
Комментарий от : Nemah Dayan

Black Hole
Ya know. Will Smith may be better acting as Thanos.


Комментарий от : Black Hole

ღari ღ
He low-key sounds like Aladdin-
Комментарий от : ღari ღ

Yram Esor
I like the real one
Комментарий от : Yram Esor

Hugo Odoherty
I love aladdin 2019 ,but why trailer video??
Комментарий от : Hugo Odoherty

kendria adderley
2019 won
Комментарий от : kendria adderley

it's a shame we didn't get the Prince Ali reprise by Jafar....Although i wasn't a fan of the 2019's Jafar....His performance of Jafar irked me! Just my opinion...
Комментарий от : Ryan4891s

kim shut
클래식 애니는 애니로 보는게 맞다 ..
Комментарий от : kim shut

Wait people actually like the live action?
Комментарий от : thiscommentisprobablyshit

Terka002 Gamer
Like you most like the OG but 2019 Is so much more voice and power I like the 2019 more but both are really great
Комментарий от : Terka002 Gamer

Luiza Nunes
Комментарий от : Luiza Nunes

Luiza Nunes
Комментарий от : Luiza Nunes

Luiza Nunes
Комментарий от : Luiza Nunes

Luiza Nunes
Комментарий от : Luiza Nunes

Luiza Nunes
3/nem uma
Комментарий от : Luiza Nunes

Luiza Nunes
2 /2019
Комментарий от : Luiza Nunes

Luiza Nunes
1/ 2019
Комментарий от : Luiza Nunes

Born in 90's so always 92
Комментарий от : LIFE We LIVE

Mohammad Ferdous Alam
Speechless song you forgot
Комментарий от : Mohammad Ferdous Alam

Prashik Lonare
You have done wrong comparison..
The clips in the will Smith is different

Комментарий от : Prashik Lonare

Aviana Saenz
Round 1 2019 Round 2 1992 Round 3 1992 Round 4 2019 Round 5 equal Round 6 1992
Комментарий от : Aviana Saenz

Комментарий от : W I L D F L A M E S

Brent Miller
Play the whole song!
Комментарий от : Brent Miller

Fernando Agras
Arabian nights is easily better in the live action
Комментарий от : Fernando Agras

Penny Grande
I prefer the song in the live action
Best sound and more rhytm

Комментарий от : Penny Grande

Norhidayah Zaini
The masterpieces and the remakes both have their aura also brings us different waves💪💪💪..Big applause 👏👏👏
Комментарий от : Norhidayah Zaini

Helen Rajan
I love the Aladdin move of 2019 very much!💝💗💝💝💝💝
Комментарий от : Helen Rajan

Naila Bibi
I like Aladdin w019
Комментарий от : Naila Bibi

Achini Nawagomuwage
What about speechless?
Комментарий от : Achini Nawagomuwage

Gold Man
All the people who are saying 2019 are Moslims.
Комментарий от : Gold Man

laine tadaya
2019 wins
Комментарий от : laine tadaya

It's probably going to be my favourite live action remake after the disasters that were Cinderella and her tiny waist, Beauty and the Beast and autotune, and The Lion King being overpowered by the Beyhive.
Комментарий от : rando

Re Nas
Arabian nights
2019 💜

Комментарий от : Re Nas

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